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SJU Instant Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC Commands

Getting Started
IRC Commands
Autoget & OmeNServE

NOTE: These are but a few commands that IRC and mIRC can use. Some of these commands are mIRC only, so if you decide to use something else these may not work. I encourage Channel Operators to read plenty of Help Docs before making a channel and in general new users should read the Docs for answers.

Server Hub Commands

/join #channel - Joins a channel if already made or creates a new one if a channel of that name is not already made.

/list - Brings up a list of all of the Channels that you can connect to.

Channel Commands

/dcc send - Brings up a dialoge box that allows you to send a file to another nickname

/dcc chat - Brings up a private chat box with a person of your choice

/help - Pops up a nice help documentation that show you lots of commands

@find "search word" - will search through everybodys shares and return results in Autoget

Operator Channel Commands

/kick "#channel" "nick" - This kicks that user from that channel

/mode "#channel" +o "nick" - Gives Op status to that user in that channel

/mode "#channel" -o "nick" - Takes Op status away from user in that channel

/mode "#channel" +b "nick" - Ban someone from that channel

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