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SJU Instant Relay Chat (IRC)

Getting Started

Getting Started
IRC Commands
Autoget & OmeNServE


1. Download mIRC from their website

2. Install mIRC

3. Fill out "Full Name", "Email Address", "Nick Name", and "Alternative".
NOTE: If you don't fill out all four, mIRC will not connect you.

4. To get on the SJU server, click on "Servers" on the left side. Then Click "Edit"

5. For "Description" type in "SJU Server"

6. For "IRC Server" type in "server-irc-sju"

7. Click "Ok"

8. Now click "Connect to Server"

9. You are now all set up for Connecting. To make life easier see the next steps for a more convient and user friendly system of searching and sharing using IRC protocol.

AutoGet and OmeNServe

1. Download both Autoget and OmeNServe

2. Follow the instructions for installing them into mIRC.

NOTE: Make sure to type in the scripts that it tells you, at the finish screen or else it will not install in mIRC.

Need Help or have Questions?? E-mail