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SJU Instant Relay Chat (IRC)

Autoget & OmeNServE
Getting Started
IRC Commands
Autoget & OmeNServE


1. First make sure you are connected and that you have joined a channel. Type in "/list" to see what channels are on.

2. If its all good, right click on any mIRC Channel and it will bring up a host of options. Select "AutoGet" from the bottom.

3. A new window will pop open, with GUI features similar to a normal P2P search engine.

4. Now go to Tools > Configuration

5. Click on the Channels tab

6. There are two text boxes. Click on "Add" on the lower one.

7. From the drop down box find "CoMaNet" and select it. Also select your nickname.

8. Now click add on the upper text area. Select a Channel and a network and hit ok.

9. Now you are ready to search for files from people that are in that channel. The searchs can take a couple of minutes.

10. Searches are strictly how you type is how it searches so "O.C." is much different than "oc"


1. Right click on a channel and select "OmeNServE" from the bottom of the list.

2. Select the very top option, "OmeNServE v2.52" or something of that nature.

3. In the "Main" tab make sure these are checked "Server On", "@find/@locator on", and make sure "Echo On" is unchecked.

4. Now go to the "Dirs/Chan" tab and click "Add" on the lower half text area.

5. You will need to name the list something. Then click "Add" to add directories you would like to share.

6. Once you have all of the directories you would like to share select ok.

7. It will ask to creat a list, select yes.

8. A Quicklist window will pop up, just select generate list.

9. Now that you are back at the "Dirs/Chan" tab, select "Add" on the upper text area.

10. Pick the channels that you want to share your files on.

11. Now you are all set for sharing. Others can search your files and download.

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