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SJU Instant Relay Chat (IRC)

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IRC and mIRC Questions

How do I add new file types in mIRC so they are not ignored when I try to download them?
Go to Tools > Options. Then Open the DCC tree of options and select "Ignore". Type in the file type you would like to accept by typing in a * first then the .file type. So for example AVI files are not accpeted as a default in mIRC so I would type in "*.avi" then click on "Add". Now you should accept these files for download.

I keep getting this "local host unkown", how do I fix this?
Click on the Start Bar and select "Run", then type in "command" and hit OK. A DOS window will pop up type in "cd.." and hit enter until you see just "C:\>". Now type in "ipconfig". A list of your current IP set up is given. Now in mIRC select Tools > Options. Then in the Connect tree select Local Info and type in the Local Host text field the "Connection-specific DNS Suffix" that was given to you in DOS. Then type in the IP Address text area in mIRC the IP Address that was given to you in DOS. Make sure that Local Host is checked and select OK.

Autoget Questions

When I try to open Autoget it pops up in the Start bar but the window will not open up, why?
Right Click on the Start bar Autoget button. Select "Maxamize" and the window should pop up. Now go to Tools > Configuration and then click on the "Options" Tab. Then check the Automatically maximize Autoget when started check box.

OmeNServE Questions

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